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At Nature's Counter, we provide our customers with a natural take on health. Our health store has taken pride in providing quality products that customers can count on, to promote their health and overall well-being, free from harsh toxins and chemicals, we have the nature-based products that you need. We are committed and passionate about helping people live happier and healthier lives. We guarantee our products quality and your orders and feedbacks are of utmost importance to us and we look forward to Servicing you and your family! WE hope you have a great and healthy experience in our online store. Thank you for shopping with us!


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Organic & Sustainable Baby Food

Little Étoile is developed and owned by Max Biocare, a healthcare company with products in Australia, Europe and Asia as well as pharmaceuticals and health supplements. The Little Étoile Organic Baby Food range is developed and manufactured under the same stringent quality principles as Max Biocare’s pharmaceutical products. Max Biocare prioritises quality above normal standards, with additional voluntary testing on its products throughout the manufacturing process- before, during and after. The Little Étoile Baby Food range is manufactured in Australia, “The Clean, Green Food Bowl” country, using organic and sustainable ingredients and processes in compliance with Australia’s strict food regulations (Food Standards Australia New Zealand – FSANZ).

Certified organic/Sustainable ingredients From the farm to your table, the entire Little Étoile baby food range contains ingredients which are 100% certified organic and sustainable by the ACO. • No added salt • No toxic pesticides or herbicides • No chemical fertilisers • No added MSG • No growth hormones • No preservatives • No artificial colours, flavours or sweetners • Ethical and sustainable This includes avoiding toxic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers in fruits and vegetables as well as the use of growth hormones in animal sources. Little Étoile contains fish products sourced from certified, sustainable and ethical sources to limit the environmental impact in the sea.


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