I Hear Buzzing – It’s Not The Doorbell – Oh No It’s An Insect!!

Mosi-Guard Mosquito Control Spray 100ml

Mosi – Guard is the number one selling natural insect repellent.  It is nature’s most effective way of protecting yourself from biting insects such as mosquitos, sandflies, ticks and midges.  It also protects against leeches.

Mosi – Guard aerosol spray provides protection for at least 8 hours but even longer under field conditions.  This is easily superior to all other natural repellents and is equivalent to or better than all synthetic repellents.  Unlike chemical based repellents Mosi -Guard can be used on all members of the family including small children and will not damage plastics or synthetic fabrics.

Mosi- Guard is DEET – FREE so it won’t dissolve or damage your sunglasses or expensive synthetic garments like horse wear, swimwear, fishing gear or even your golf club grip.

DEET, is an old fashioned repellent, is a synthetic chemical which is a powerful solvent.  It can damage plastics, paints and synthetic fabrics.  DEET is readily absorbed into the skin which can lead to problems, especially in young children.  Many people find the oil smell of Deet unpleasant and skin reactions are common.  Despite the drawbacks, DEET was always considered to be the most effective insect repellent available and this led to widespread recommendation of Deet.  However, a recent study conducted at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, compared three of the most popular insect repellent brands and it showed that Mosi -Guard is as affective as the strongest available deet repellent on the market.

Mosi – Guard has become the world’s most widely used and successful natural insect repellent.  Mosi – Guard has been extensively tested in laboratories of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and under field conditions in many insect – infested areas including Tanzania, jungle areas of Malaysia, Thailand, Bolivia and many more locations. Mosi-Guard is produced from natural and renewable resources.

Goodby Mozzie! –  Stay Healthy, Happy and In Tune with Nature!


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