To ensure products are of the highest quality – products are shipped from manufacturer.
Moringa Farm Australia:

Grown in Australia using Controlled Drying with de-humidifiers – not shade or sun drying as used overseas on imported Moringa products sold elsewhere. Controlled temperature drying ensures vitamins, and especially food enzymes, are not destroyed.
Despite the AMAZING effects Moringa is achieving around the world, here in Australia it is still classified as a ‘Novel Food’ therefore Moringa products cannot be sold as a nutritional supplement or food, but as our Moringa is from an Australian Farm, we can supply this raw material in whatever form you require.

MORINGA. We nurture Australian Moringa Oleifera Trees in Far North Australia. Our methodology is Australian organic-biodynamic to achieve the highest nutritional production. We do not use chemical fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (Gmo’s)  In fact, we use our own Organic Moringa fertilisers – Moringa Compost, Moringa Folia Sprays, Moringa Powder Soil Boosters.

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