Welcome to Scrumpy Soap Co.

We lovingly make all our soaps by hand, using old fashioned soap making methods.  We use only natural ingredients including local Olive oil, Australian Organic Hemp seed oil, home grown spray free herbs, natural Australian clays, only 100% natural Essential oils and fresh rain water.

Our soaps are completely Palm oil free.

We care about you and your environment. Scrumpy soap is 100% bio degradable, safe to go down the water way, straight onto your garden or into your grey water system.

Scrumpy Soap Co is a natural product with no artificial additives or preservatives, artificial colours, fragrances, hardeners or lathers. We support “Truth in labelling” and list all ingredients.

We also promise our soaps are less likely to irritate your skin compared with the commercial soaps you buy from the store.  Why? Because our soap making process keeps the skin-loving glycerine in, unlike so many commercial soaps. With no other un natural additives, this makes Scrumpy Soap a natural, gentler choice.

But most importantly Scrumpy Soap Co. does NOT use palm oil in any of its soaps. We make this choice for environmental and ethical reasons.  But what this means is every single one of our soaps are not only great for your skin, but the environment as well.

Through the support of regular clientele, we have being able to support four Orangutans last year. Dodo, Kopral and Shelton from BOS Australia, and Jarot from The Orangutan Project. This year we have recently adopted baby Nita.

Scrumpy Soap Co has a wide range of handmade soaps, now available to purchase online.
Enjoy this affordable, guilt free indulgence today and notice the difference to your skin.