Nature’s Counter Pea Protein – 100% Pure – 1000g Pouch

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A great option for Vegetarians.

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Nature’s Counter Pea Protein: 

A safe alternative for people with allergies to milk products or people who cannot tolerate animal-based protein powder mixtures. A great option for Vegetarians.

Our Organic Pea Protein is a plantbased source of protein with a full spectrum amino acid profile. It has a natural creamy taste making it a great choice for protein powder shakes. Plus it dissolves easily – no clumps!

Pea Protein has high levels of branched-chain, (BCAAs) and is high in arginine, lysine, and phenylalanine. High protein content per serve. Low in sugars and carbohydrates.

Numerous nutrition experts agree that pea protein is one of the most perfect proteins for human consumption. It has health benefits that surpass both animal and other vegetable proteins. Here’s why.
Pea protein has been found to be amongst the most digestible sources of protein available. Studies have found it to be between 90 and 97% digestible.
Of all the protein supplements available, pea protein has also been shown to produce the least allergic reactions. Whey, egg, and soy protein supplements produce allergic reactions in part of the population and their potential for allergic reactions increases with repeated use.
Pea protein powder is produced in a very beneficial way. The result is that it does not produce flatulence or stomach discomfort because it lacks the complex plant sugars found in whole peas. The protein is first treated with enzymes that begin the breakdown process.

5 Pea Protein Benefits:

Pea Protein has a great amino acid profile, including a lot of the branched-chain amino acids that are well-known for decreasing muscle breakdown after workouts. …
Aids Weight Loss. …
Supports a Healthy Heart. …
May Decrease Risk of Kidney Disease. …
Increases Muscle Thickness. …
Regulates Blood Sugar.


Certified Organic Pea Protein 40g, Protein Concentration (81.2%) 32.48g, BCAA 7g

DIRECTIONS: Shake 40g (Two heaped Tablespoons) of Pea Protein into 250ml of water, milk or smoothie.

Nature’s Counter Products are manufactured here in Australia by:

Who have been manufacturing high quality complementary medicine for General Practitioners and Naturopaths for years.

Naturatech use DSM as the sole supplier of their product, because it is a European company that have built their reputation through quality and have become the biggest player in complementary medicine in the world.To bring the best quality health products and supplements directly to you.


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