Moringa Dried Leaves -Tea/Blending 3 sizes - Made To Order




ULTRA FRESH UNMIXED PURE Australian Grown, Processed, Refrigerated, Tea/Blending Sized Moringa Leaves with no fillers, silicates, preservatives or anything else whatsoever are in our Moringa Tea/Blending. Ultra fresh and ultra potent. Never import irradiated or fumigated.
Our many thousands (yes, thousands) of repeat customers will confidently note the continuity of the exact same utmost quality in all our Australian Moringa. If you are a new customer, be assured that we continue the above tradition of providing Australian Grown Moringa in tip top condition for top unsurpassed potency.
Our extremely important "Cold Chaining" continues. Please continue this "cold chain" by continuous refrigeration upon receipt.
Australia wide, Moringa is classified as a "Novel Food" & not as ‘Normal Food’, therefore Moringa products cannot be "sold as" a "nutritional supplement" or "food" by anyone. However, There are absolutely no restrictions whatsoever in the using or uses of Moringa

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