Moringa DROPS - Dogs, Horses, Ailing Animals Energy Nutrient Drink 90 ml



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Laboratory scale extraction. Copyright
Cold extraction methodology for the greatest amount of nutrients in solution to produce an ENERGY surge.
For horses and other animals needing a quick, effective increase in systemic, muscular performances and mental alertness
Very concentrated, immediate absorption. Keep to recommended number of drops into water, and recommended number of applications per day
Note - Regular & daily, but SMALLER amount of drops for infirm and listless animals.
Labeling - Moringa Oleifera Drops. Extract contains Phamacopoeial Ethanol (ATO permit 38012), distilled water & citric acid. Fast nutrient absorption-digestion. Example dosage for a 60kg animal is 1-2 teaspoons in flavoured water/food; up to a maximum of 4 teaspoons daily for that size; for general fortification, energy spurts or extra ‘pick-me-ups’, but always returning to a maintenance level. If symptoms persist, seek professional advice.

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