Shaving Brush – Natural Horse Hair

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Pure Soft Horse Hair.

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Shaving Brush – Horse Hair:

* Made from high quality WOOD.
* Handmade brush knot generates a rich lather!
* Very classical and stylish
* Great for Salon/Barber use and home use.



Horse Hair


Material for horse hair shaving brushes are simply cut from the horse’s mane and/or tail: unlike other animal bristle brushes, the animal is not harmed.  Many users find horse hair shaving brushes to perform better than boar hair and less “scratchy” than many “pure” grade badger brushes.

The first few times it gets wet there may be a slight odour although brush hair has been cleaned nautrally.  If this occurs wash it thoroughly with shampoo, rinse well with warm water, and allow to dry before its first use.  In fact, you may want to do this a couple times before you start using it.


Handle Material: Schima Superba Wood
Base dia.:~34.79mm(+-0.05)/1.36inch
Total Length:~104.82mm(+-0.05)/4inch
Knot Material: Horse Hair

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