Moringa Soap – 100g

Suitable for sensitive skin, babies and those with problem skin.


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Moringa Soap -100g : Moringa cold compressed oil is very good for the skin as its acts as an anti ageing agent. See below for Moringa’s properties.

We have packed Moringa seed oil together with Moringa ground leaf over a base of glycerine and coconut oil to make a soft feel soap. This is excellent for your skin and body care.

The appearance is medium to dark green with Moringa specks within. Its mild foaming and is really ideal for all skin types. There are no added perfumes or aromas to increase chances of allergies.

No fragrances. Therefore ,it smells quite neutral and is suitable for sensitive skin, babies and those with ‘problem skin’.

Our preparation has No Sulphates and No Parabens; and No Environmental destructive ‘micro beads’.

Please click the below link to take you to Moringa Farms Australia for more information.